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At Erin Centre Pharmacy, the staff understands that your medical needs are our main priority. We offer you the personal & professional service necessary to ensure that you achieve the most benefit from your medication.

Our Pharmacists will work with you to discuss your treatment plan, and will address any questions or concerns you may have.

We work directly with your doctors and caregivers and will make sure any difficulties you may be having with your treatment are addressed immediately with your doctors. 

We offer quick and convenient delivery to your home, workplace, or your preferred location.

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Manage your Medications anytime, anywhere

Diem Health app will allow you to manage and keep track of your medication. Download our free diem® health for I.D.A. mobile apps – available on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store or simply request refills through diem health website 

Talk to your pharmacist for more details.

Don't prefer the app? No Problem!

Request prescriptions through your phone, laptop or desktop. No Sign-In required, just follow the instructions and request refills, transfer or fill new prescriptions online and minimize waiting time. Your personal information is kept secure and protected at all times and only your Pharmacist can access it.

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Meds Check

Find out if you're eligible for a Free Meds-Check.

Are you taking three or more long-term prescription medications? if yes, then you qualify to receive a FREE one-on-one consultation, with your pharmacist to help you understand the purpose of the medications you are taking, make sure they all work well together, and answer any questions you may have to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your therapy.

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Patients Testimonials

I would give 10/5 if I could. I was looking for a particular product that none of the 10+ pharmacies carry. This pharmacy not only found the product with their supplier, but also arranged it for pickup within 24 hrs. They are truly the professionals who care about you. I’ve bought from them many times in the past, and never had a >10 mins wait.
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I. K.
Mark is extremely helpful. He always welcomes you by name and with a smile. He never fails to go out of his way to help. Never disappointed. Excellent service with no wait times. Thank you for such great service.
J. D.

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